The Burj Dubai opens!

I’m looking forward to the official opening of the Burj Dubai this evening – and have decided to work from home to avoid the expected traffic chaos.

Lots has been said about the Burj but not much about the logistics of living in the surrounding area – apparently access roads are to be closed from 5pm onwards, but there’s not been much in the way of warning…

Regardless, it should be a good event. Cue lots of articles from The Times and Johann Hari about wastefulness and extravagance, I expect. What I would really like to read is a clear overview of the financials behind the project. It’s apparently already in the black, which is pretty astonishing.

It also looks absolutely stunning, particularly at night. The lighting is incredible. I will try and post some pics tomorrow.

How on earth did I end up living next to all this? Not something I would ever have imagined just over seven years ago, when I left the semi-detached house I was sharing in a London suburb with 4 other people. I need to make sure I count my blessings more often.


3 Responses to “The Burj Dubai opens!”

  1. John James Dobson Says:

    Hi Chris
    Just how did you end up in Dubai……!!!!
    Please tell me 🙂
    Seen the Burj Dubai on Sky this morning and it looks fantastic, I was fortunate enough to visit Dubai a few years ago and it was fantastic.
    Spare a thought for your ice bound colleagues over in the UK

  2. Troy Says:

    Happy New Year Chris!!
    Please upload some photos – I’d like a different angle as it were of the Burj.

  3. Chris Says:

    Happy New Year to you too, Troy.
    Photos and a video of the event should be up tomorrow – need to edit down the stuff I took using my camera.
    James – I arrived in Dubai 7.5 years ago thanks to a random job offer. I will try to dig up a post I did about how I got here. Enjoy the ice!

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