Passport renewal again…

I need to renew my passport as it’s completely full with stamps and visas again.

The main problem is Saudi visas. They are only ever issued to us here on a three month basis and require two full pages. Typically I go to Saudi about once… every three months. The visa also has to be applied for in advance, which usually takes three or four working days. Strangely, visitors from Europe coming on one-off trips have told me they usually get a year long multiple entry visa. I’m sure every Dubai based business traveller who has to go to Saudi would welcome the same privilege being granted to us here, considering the frequency with which we visit.

It would also make life easier if other countries, even those kind enough to give us Brits a visa on arrival, could use smaller visa stickers. Using an entire page for a visit to Yemen, followed by a page for Egypt, quickly fills up my 48 pages.

Algeria and Nigeria take up similar amounts of space, as does Russia, although I do get a year long multiple entry. Russia requires an HIV test, which I absolutely hate.

When I get my shiny new British 48 pager, I will have to travel with it attached to its older brother, which contains a still valid UAE residence visa. My shirt pocket is going to be weighed down for at least the next two years, it seems.


One Response to “Passport renewal again…”

  1. The Grumpy Goat Says:

    I am increasingly of the opinion that the tin-pottedness of a regime can be accurately inferred from the size of its visas.

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