Lucky Chris

I’m staying at the new Radisson on Yas Island this evening. There’s a dinner this eve and various Sun presentations tomorrow.

I’m completely stunned. Usually Abu Dhabi makes me think of a style of architecture I call ‘Gulf Beige’. Odd – to me at least – shaped buildings that don’t really inspire much. Things are changing however – the Yas Island development is super modern and stylish. All very Dubai, dare I say it.

My room is stunning too, with a great view. Really makes a change from the usual round of dusty Sheraton to tired Intercon. Certainly a better view from the window than my last hotel.

I would post pictures, but have misplaced my camera lead…

My only complaint is that the minibar could do with being a bit colder and the ice bucket I was brought contains that awful hotel ice that melts as soon as you look at it. A proper office chair would be nice too, but now I’m just being ungrateful.

Right, time to put my presentation together and earn my keep – it’s not all fun and games in desktop virtualisation sales, you know.

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