Please cancel

Emaar may cancel some of the planned towers around where we live.

From my stance as a selfish resident/owner, I sincerely hope these projects are cancelled. What’s been built and finished, or about to be finished, is fantastic. Anything more will just be overkill. Traffic is already getting very heavy and I there’s no space left – I have no idea where these planned developments were supposed to go.

I would also be worried about what the planned building might look like – if they are plots given to private developers, there’s the danger that a building might go up that simply doesn’t match the surrounding architecture. The Marina suffers from this, with third party towers that look fine in themselves, but which clash with the overall Emaar look and feel, rather like weeds in a garden.

I’ve complained in this blog about lots of niggles I’ve experienced. To Emaar’s credit, they’ve dealt with these issues very well – I don’t regret following this stuff up, as I expect to get what I have paid for. Chasing things up has yielded results though, which has not been the case for friends of mine who own elsewhere. Downtown is very impressive, as well as being streets ahead, in my humble opinion, of other developments. Thank goodness for Mrs Saul’s wise buying choices, 5 years ago.

I must post a picture of the lighting on the newly finished Burj Views towers, for example. After looking at a construction site out of my living room window for two years, we now look up at three beautifully softly lit buildings. Stunning.

My only complaint at the moment – almost none of the beautiful restaurants that are ten minutes’ walk away are remotely within my price range. It’s torture 🙂

2 Responses to “Please cancel”

  1. Sam in Dubai Says:

    agree about souk al bahar’s prices…but you could go for an ice cream at morelli’s in Dubai mall – won’t set you back that much and is so good.

  2. Nuppo Says:

    Sure the prices are a bit hefty but at least you get some (very) good food.
    Kharma Café has really tasty food, the Wagyu burgers in The Hive are delicious and MARGAUX is one of the best french restaurants in Dubai (in my humble opinion).
    I am sick of all these places offering franchised over processed food that really reminds you that you live in an overgrown Disneyland.

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