Service with a laugh

‘Hello sir, I am at your apartment.’

‘Who are you?’

‘An employee of the Emirates’ largest maintenance firms.’

‘Ok. You were supposed to be there at ten this morning, now it’s four o’clock.’

‘Ha ha ha. I am here now.’

‘Ok, I’ll drive over from the office. I will be there in twenty minutes or so.’

Vroom vroom.

‘Hello, I am at my apartment now, where are you?’

‘Oh sir, I am in reception. I will come now.’

Ten minutes passes.

‘Where are you? Are you coming?’

‘Ha ha ha, sir. I am not in your building. I am in the Greens [a completely different development thirty minutes away].’

‘So why did you say you were in the Old Town???’

‘Ha ha ha. Can I come tomorrow at ten o’clock?’

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, or both. Let’s see who appears tomorrow…

2 Responses to “Service with a laugh”

  1. desertshiela Says:

    Oh that’s painful. My first reaction is to come up with a cunning way to return that pain. But for the sake of sanity you just have to laugh it off don’t you?

  2. Anonymous Says:


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