Too much dishwasher

What’s a blog for, if not for the odd rant?

Our dishwasher remains unrepaired.

Predictably, the process I had arranged feel to pieces.

Instead of the guy calling me on Weds to talk through what was wrong and then confirming a time when he’d be there on Thursday, the bloke only turned up on Thursday afternoon after my calling the office repeatedly.

He took a quick look at the dishwasher and told me he needed access to the back of it, which meant he had to pull it out.

I was quite happy with that – until he told me that the tiling in front of the dishwasher has to be removed to allow access. He then told me that it’s the same for all of the apartments in the block. The developer’s design has effectively sealed the dishwasher in.

If he’d rung on the Weds as arranged, asked me a few questions to prove there was an electrical fault and told me I’d have to pull the tiles out, he could have fixed it when he was there.

As it is, his entire visit was a pointless waste of time and effort. I was pretty cross, as the entire farce was completely avoidable. When I asked him if he spent every day being shouted at by customers, he told me he did. When I suggested that a lot of the anger could be avoided, he looked bemused.

I now need to get round to pulling the tiles out and rebooking the repair…

One Response to “Too much dishwasher”

  1. Seabee Says:

    Perfectly normal everyday Dubai customer service…and design. That fact doesn’t make it any easier to bear though!

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