Dishwasher rant

Time for rant number two about customer service.

Our dishwasher has stopped working – this may have something to do with the loud bang, followed by a mains fuse tripping on Friday afternoon, but I’m not sure. Regardless, the Siemens AquaStop, the first ever dishwasher I have ever had since I left home, has stopped.

I called the dealer yesterday and left a message. This morning someone called me back, but I missed the call and they didn’t leave a voicemail – I did recognise the number though. I called back a few times and got a busy tone or went through to an answermachine. Someone did call me back though, much to my surprise, around 1030.

So far so good.

The process that leads to someone actually fixing your dishwasher seems to be unnecessarily complicated, however.

After pushing things, I seem to have come to a reasonable arrangement. The repairman will call me on Weds before 0930 to confirm a time for him to come on Thursday. We will use our discussion on Weds morning to see if we can do some basic diagnostics, so that when the chap comes on Thursday he will bring, if at all possible, the spare parts and tools that he thinks may be needed. Part of our discussion on Weds will also include something quite important – the model and make of the dishwasher that needs repairing. I imagine this fact to be quite important. After the Weds morning call I will know what part of Thursday I need to spend at home, so I can plan any meetings or other obligations accordingly.

If I hadn’t pushed, this is what would have happened –

A man would have called me on Weds morning to tell me if he was coming on Weds or Thursday. This would have meant that I would have had to have kept both days completely clear, just in case. The man would also have simply called me to say when he was coming to look at the dishwasher. He would not have come with any tools or commonly required spare parts. This would have meant that after his visit, he would have had to return at some unspecified point in the future to actually fix the dishwasher.

It seems odd to asking questions along these lines to the repair department of the national distributor for a company like Siemens –

‘Will the man come with some tools?’

‘Is it not important for me to tell you what the man needs to repair?’

‘Is there any way we can manage this process in a manner that avoids me spending two entire days waiting at home, just in case a man pops over?’

Let’s see how this progresses. The last time we had something break, it took the distributor ages to replace a circuit board in our washing machine. A circuit board that had to be ordered over from Europe, despite it being the most commonly required spare part in the UAE’s most popular washing machine. For some reason, the distributor’s service department didn’t keep any common spare parts in stock, so each time one was needed, it had to be shipped over.

I am thankful for small mercies, however – the AquaStop is still under warranty, it turns out.

Rants over for now, hopefully. On a more positive note, the weather’s nice, the pool’s warm and there are lots of lovely tweety birds flying around the Old Town.


2 Responses to “Dishwasher rant”

  1. Rupert Says:

    Earlier today I nominated A McNabb for the UAE role of "The Fat Controller", as in Thomas The Tank Engine, but you are pushing your nomination papers very well.
    What you want to do, is listen to the radio and then you may be lucky enough to discover the Maytag advert, wherebye you purchase a dishwasher, then as the first month draws to a close, you call the supplier up and say you are not satisfied and they will come and pick it up, plus refund your purchase price!
    That way the man needs no tools, just a white van to return your current dishwasher to depot, to await delivery of whatever spare part is needed from Europe. (I am sure you can disconnect water and electricity connections, then move to the hallway, so your presence will not be requied to permit egress to repairman.)
    Easy peasy!

  2. Nuppo Says:

    Dishwasher in the UAE ?
    I don’t remember having ever seen one in a flat or villa…
    The repairman will however show up with tools…if you are lucky with a hammer and some nails.
    Good luck!

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