Dubai Metro at 818 miles per hour

I was wondering how long it would take for a video like this to pop up on YouTube!

One of the fun things about living in Dubai is that you are often the first, or amongst the first, ever to visit a building, use a service, etc, etc.

I was the first person to live in our last apartment, we were the first to live in our current place, amongst the first to visit numerous ‘iconic’ buildings here – we just need to use the Metro over the next few days to add it to our list.

If you’re interested, the Sun office is behind the buildings on the left at 15 seconds in. You used to be able to see us and our sign from the motorway, but as with many things in Dubai, someone built five skyscrapers right in front of the office, suddenly.

One Response to “Dubai Metro at 818 miles per hour”

  1. Markoel Says:

    Chris, the link to the video appears to be broken

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