Seeing driving sense

I was intrigued to read that Samoa is switching back from driving on the wrong side of the road to driving on the left, the correct side of the road.

The article mentions other countries that have made a switch over the past few decades, but from left to right. The UAE isn’t mentioned though – it’s my understanding that things changed here in the early 70s, just after the country’s formation, but that not all of the emirates changed at the same time, which led to some confusion.

I wonder what prompted the change here? The desire to conform to a more widely held standard, or was there an element of wanting to be able to drive some cool American cars that were left hand drive only? I can understand the reasoning behind both approaches!

This article and Wikipedia have some useful info on those countries that drive on the wrong side of the road and those that drive on the left.


One Response to “Seeing driving sense”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    Love the year of "free beef" for those cattle unable to adapt to the road switch.

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