Not a discussion I am looking forward to…

I’ve recently discovered that an incorrectly fitted rear wiper blade on Mrs Saul’s car has been scratching the paint work every time the boot has been opened.

Over several months, this has stripped away the paint to the bare metal. You can’t really see the damage when the boot’s shut unless you look closely, but it’s fairly obvious when the boot’s open.

This has made me extremely angry – it’s obvious that the wrong sized wiper has been fitted. This would have been crystal clear to the idiot that did the work. He must have have noticed that the blade he was fitting was oversized, but was probably too lazy to do anything about it.

If this were the UK, I probably would have noticed pretty quickly, but given the rare occasions rear windscreen wipers get used here, it’s not surprising I didn’t cotton on sooner to what had been done.

Based on receipts for work carried out, I know which garage is responsible. I’m hoping the conversation will involved a quick apology and some suggestions for ways to sort the problem out quickly. I’m expecting the opposite though…

Christopher is cross.


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