Power cut

I feel for the people affected by the powercut in Sharjah.

I’d love to see a campaign here to help cut power consumption, based simply around AC. I’m sure there are lots of simple things that could be done just to reduce the load generated by air conditioning. Some basic insulation, doors that shut automatically and some basic training in how to use a thermostat would make a big difference.

An end to fixed pricing for cold air is needed too. I’ve mentioned here before that I pay a fixed price for my AC – cold air pricing is calculated based on average consumption in the development, with each resident taking a share of the cooling needed for common areas. I pay for the electricity used to power the fans, but pay the same as everyone else for the cold air that comes out. There are no meters in the apartments, which means people pay the same whether the apartments are occupied or not, insulated or not, face the sun or are in shade.

Individual metering would be a start, but I’m sure that margins could be increased in conjunction with lower costs to residents, simply by putting some insulation around people’s front doors and the doors in the public areas. Small steps that would make a big difference, but until there’s some financial incentive, it’s going to be hard to get anything done.

I’d love to speak to an expert and see some figures, but I reckon a little would go a long way, with everyone benefitting financially before we even start to think about the green aspect of things.


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