Other UAE bloggers have written about this in more detail, but I want to add my thoughts!

There is currently a mildly confusing ‘crack down’ taking place in Dubai’s malls regarding people dressing appropriately for the reason. Basically people are being reminded not to wear clothes that are too revealing. Fair enough, but the whole issue seem to be being presented rather badly.

Lots of commentators on various news sites are saying that revealing clothes should, therefore, not be sold in Dubai’s malls. This is plainly ridiculous.

Reading this, I was reminded of a scene in ‘Airport’, a British documentary show that followed the lives of people working at Luton airport for a EasyJet, a British budget airline.

In one scene, passengers are seen lighting cigarettes during a flight. When the steward asks them to stop, he gets a bit of a rant from the raspy voiced ladies who want to smoke their Lambert and Butlers.

‘If you sell ’em on the plane, why can’t we smoke ’em? That’s unfair, innit?’.

The hilariously camp steward handles the situation perfectly. Leaning over to the ladies, he gives them a conspiratorial wink.

‘Ladies. Have you ever bought condoms and used them straightaway, right there in the shop you bought them from? No? Well, there you go then, darlings. You’ll have to wait till you get to Mallorca, won’t you?’.

The ladies cackle, put their cigarettes out and the whole situation is laid nicely to rest.


One Response to “Decency”

  1. Seabee Says:

    I used other examples in my posts on the subject – I wish I’d seen the one you quote, it’s an absulute classic!

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