Decency strikes

This is an odd story. It’s a shame that the police didn’t inform people in advance that they were starting to implement the 8 year old law. Being picked up and taken down the station must be quite scary.

Still, you learn something every day – I wasn’t aware that jewellery wasn’t permitted for muslim men (at least according to the interpretation being enforced here).

I think everyone knows that Sharjah’s stricter than other emirates, but I didn’t realise that you couldn’t wear shorts there. I’ve wandered around the blue souk in shorts on a couple of occasions. Next time I will make sure my knobbly knees are hidden from view so as not to offend.


One Response to “Decency strikes”

  1. Troy Says:

    You still kicking on over there in Dubai, Sir Saul? It’s been a few weeks since you have blessed us with you witty retorts…

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