Thermostat abuse

Dubai is horribly hot and sweaty at the moment. Just walking around leaves you drenched and grumpy – yuck.

Thanks to the hot weather, it’s that time of year where a certain kind of abuse is perpetuated across Dubai – thermostat abuse.

There seems to be something in the human pysche that makes the majority of people refuse to trust the humble thermostat. It seems that most of my fellow Dubai residents simply cannot believe that setting the thermostat to the temperature you want will actually have the AC work, as quickly as possible, at getting the room down to 21C and keeping it there.

Despite the blatant evidence to the contrary, people insist on believing that this humble switch mechanism is actually a setting for the temperature of the air that will be blown out.

Hot inside? Whack the thermostat to 10C and then wonder why it becomes icey cold and stays that way.

Cold inside? Whack the thermostat to 30C so that it’ll warm up quickly, then whack it back down to 10C again when it gets too hot.

People! Here’s what you need to do – set the thermostat on the wall to the temperature you want the room to be at. 22C is good. Then simply leave things alone – the thermostat will ensure that the temperature stays at the setting you have chosen.

Phew! I’m glad I’ve got that one off my chest.

5 Responses to “Thermostat abuse”

  1. nzm Says:

    Yup – that’s on par with the people who, in the elevator lobbies, push both the up and the down buttons thinking that this will get the elevator to arrive quicker.
    Maybe they are the same people doing both things!

  2. rupert Says:

    Truly you are becoming "The Fast Shows" Alf character.
    I forget what Kenny Everett’s similar "Mr Angry/Disappointed/Frustrated" character was called, but anyway your recent rants have brought smiles!

  3. nzm Says:

    Rupert: that was Angry of Mayfair!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    24 C is nicer. 22 is ungreen.

  5. SJS Says:

    In Japan the rule is now 28 degrees C and dress codes have been adapted to it. It’s working well, I hear, and is indeed "Green"……..So, wake up Dubai and try 28 C.
    BTW…our baker’s shop here has stopped using the cold air A/C whilst at the same time leaving the street door wide open, and is now using a simple fan! Actually, I think his (unnecessary) A/C unit burned out. GREAT! Common sense at last. People!!!!!!!!!

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