My Paris Hilton article’s online now…

You can find my comment piece on Paris’ trip to Dubai here.

Enjoy! Huge! That’s hot! Love you all!

One Response to “My Paris Hilton article’s online now…”

  1. rosh Says:

    Chris, whilst I agree on some of the pro-Hilton comments, however beg to differ on several other.
    Having lived / worked and travelled across the US over 9 years, I believe Paris does NOT represent core American values and their ways of life. She represents some of the 90210 genre, which is less than significant part of America. I do not believe Americans in general appreciate Paris, or the lifestyle and values she portrays toward the young.
    Also, I do not believe DXB / UAE need Paris for tourism, at least not the healthy tourism they’re hoping for. Paris shares little to nothing with the core values of the region. And I’ve certainly never believed, any publicity is good publicity, especially in the long haul. Yes, of course Paris’s visit shall help bring similar spoiled airheads to the UAE. However, I’d like to think those visiting the UAE and truly appreciate what it has to offer are those who could make something of their lives besides riding on "nature, nurture and her parents’ wealth".

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