Now I know how to describe my accent when speaking French…

I realise now that when speaking standard French, I am speaking with an authentic Jersey accent.

Instead of murdering Frog with my crushing English tones, I am simply echoing Britain’s Norman heritage, still to be heard in the channel islands.

Eels sonn donjerurrr si lay chevo lay monj.

Bizarrely, this Jerriais news spot is followed by sections in Polish and Portugese. Modern Britain eh soopare, ness parr?


2 Responses to “Now I know how to describe my accent when speaking French…”

  1. The Grumpy Goat Says:

    "They are dangerous if the goat eats them"? No, it’s "…eat their shoes", isn’t it?
    I’ve been accused, although not in recent years, of speaking French with a German accent. Thus when in France I generally get mistaken for a Dutchgoat.
    – Le Bouc Bougon

  2. The Grumpy Goat Says:

    Horses! It’s horses. D’oh!
    As in, "Zis sausage is ve-r-ry suspicious. If I did not know betteur, I would say zat it was an ‘orse’s willie!" – From Blackadder III

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