Journey by a London bus

This film from the 1950s is simply wonderful.

Despite the dated language, the facts about everyone being considerate and getting on together ring as true now as they did all those years ago.

I would like to see ‘Journey on a flight out of Dubai’ (at least to certain destinations…)

We could have the following advice –

“Just because the plane’s wheels have touched the ground, there’s no need to jump up, grab your bags, drop your suitcase on someone’s head and barge your way to the front of the plane”.

“And now it’s time to relax. Watch how the passenger gently reclines his seat. If one were to recline it in one quick movement, it might cause discomfort to the passenger behind”.

“Remember, the cabin crew are there to assist you. They are not your slaves, so repeatedly pressing your ‘assistance button’ and demanding another whisky and Seven Up will be seen as rather rude.”

“This gentleman wants all his ten family members to sit next to each other. And quite right too. What a clever chap – he mentioned this when booking their tickets and made sure the seating arrangements were confirmed when checking in. That’s the way to do it, old fellow – this way, there’s no need to delay take off by twenty minutes whilst all the passengers around you are forced to swap seats and play musical chairs.”

“Remember, it is a scientific fact that the laws of physics also apply on aeroplane journeys, so trying to squeeze a 6ft by 5ft suitacase into a 3ft by 2ft hat rack, will simply never work, even if you ask the stewardess to do it for you”.

“Look at this naughty man – he’s berating the cabin crew over some problem that is absolutely nothing to do with them whatsoever and which they themselves are powerless to address. What a silly man”.

And for certain routes…

“Here’s the aeroplane toilet. Remember, you sit on it. Standing on it will leave dirty foot marks. And the basin’s for washing hands, not for…”

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