It’s hot outside in Dubtown,so just open the doors!

Today is a momentous occasion – this is my fifth annual ‘it’s hot’ blog post.

It is pretty hot here now, but it’s the humidity that make it intolerable.

This heatwave coincides with my having to pay the latest installment of our ‘chiller fee’, the money we pay for cold air to cool the flat. The electricity that powers the AC fans is metered, but the cold air comes from a nearby ‘cold air place’* that supplies the development.

As mentioned here before, for some unknown reason noone thought it would be a good idea to install meters so that residents pay for the cold air they use – instead it’s just a flat fee based on yearly average consumption across private and public areas of the development.

This is utterly idiotic – completely wasteful in environmental terms, totally discouraging of any attempt to conserve energy and behave responsibly. Why should I subsidise people who leave their AC on full blast all year round? I might as well just do the same…

Combine the lack of metering with the complete lack of insulation and it’s not just the heat that gets me hot under the collar – if everyone else’s front door is like mine, during the summer they will have a warm breeze flowing through the gaps between door and doorframe, where damp lumps of sand congregate during the day, waiting to collapse into a small pyramid in the hallway when you close the door.

Is there any incentive to insulate the doorway to save on cold air? Nope, not in our brand new, state-of-the-art development that has no recycling facilities, lights that stay switched on all day, unmetered AC and private and public areas that make a 1950s British council house look like a paragon of insulation-filled environmentally conscientious thinking.**

To top all of this, the nearby hotel has found a new way of cooling down its central courtyard during these hot evenings. They simply wedge open the doors that lead to the adjacent shopping area. This means that all the energy used to cool the ‘souk’ is effectively being used to waft a cool breeze through the doors and across the hotel’s outdoor cafe.

I am going to give up switching my TV off standby when we’re out. I don’t think it makes much difference, really.

* Not sure what the technical term for somewhere that generates cold air is…

**I do like living here though.


2 Responses to “It’s hot outside in Dubtown,so just open the doors!”

  1. Oman Holiday Says:

    I had shops in the first major (relative term) mall in Muscat. They did the same – chilled water through central pipes, split the bill with all tenants; dreadful

  2. Markoel Says:

    Right now I would be more than happy to swap you some of that hot air for the cool air in Johannesburg. My under floor heating is on 24/7 for the month July

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