What is your location, hmm hmm hello?

It’s been a while since I had a call from a courier company here. I’m pleased to say that the usual routine is still in place – if a process is completely broken, why fix it?

Working for these companies can’t be much fun. You either have to brave Dubai’s roads delivering documents to places you can’t find, or you have to ring up annoying people like me to ask for our ‘location’.

Me – Chris Saul speaking.

Courier Company – Hello?

Me – Can we skip the hellos please.

CC – You are Mr Christopher?

Me – Yes, I am.

CC – Hello?

Me – Please don’t start saying hello again.

CC – What is your location?

Me – Who are you and why are you calling?

CC – I am calling from courier company. What is your location?

Me – I am driving in my car through Dubai.

CC – Hmm hmm hmm.

Me – Can you tell me what it is you need to deliver, then I can tell you when and where to find me.

CC – I have some document.

Me – I’m sure you do, but who from?

CC – From Company X.

Me – Great. My location is Y, but…

CC – We will deliver. Goodbye.

Me – Wait! When will you deliver it?

CC – Between 5 and 7.

Me – I won’t be home then. Why not tell me first when you can deliver it and then I will tell you where I will be at that time? That would be a bit easier.

CC – What is your location? Hello?

…and on it went.

I expect to get ‘some document’ sometime in the next few days, probably after the poor chap turns up at the flat three times whilst I am out.


One Response to “What is your location, hmm hmm hello?”

  1. Andrew Webber Says:

    AH the old "some document" ploy.
    I hear you, things aren’t any different down here in the wilds of Abu Dhabi.
    I am stunned that they get anything to us with the directions we occasionally dole out… but they do.
    The other bit I like is that the best landmark for us to offer up is a nearby embassy.
    Sounds like a fair enough landmark doesn’t it?
    This particular embassy looks like a Villa, with the only thing discerning it from the other houses in the street is a small brass plaque.
    Oh yes.. that’s easy to find – but heaven forbid I should mention the street it is on – because that makes no sense at all apparently.
    I love it.
    This place makes me laugh every day.

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