Take the 200 bus to Victoria, then get off in the desert

When I was picking the Jeep up from Triple AAA Garage today, I noticed these cool photos on the wall (and snapped them via my phone, so apologies for poor quality).

How do you get a London bus into the desert, for a Dr Who episode?


You use a large rescue truck from Triple AAA –



Pretty cool!

Triple AAA appear to have everything you need for when you get stuck in the desert. This Hitachi caterpillar thing looks quite cool. I just hope I never have to use it.


One final picture.

This is Zighy Bay, which now hosts a 5 star spa and is no longer publicly accessible. It used to be one of the scariest drives in the area. I used to love driving up and down – very steep and very rough. Although I gave myself a fright several times, I’m glad to say I came nowhere near this sort of a situation –



3 Responses to “Take the 200 bus to Victoria, then get off in the desert”

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  3. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    I guess the average AAA tow truck driver is going to have to be a lot more skilled in Dubai area. You don’t want someone bad at physics to be hauling you out of some of those situations!!

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