I am going to have to pay 4,800Dhs (1.300USD) for a new clutch assembly on the Wrangler after it failed on Thursday.


Oh well, it’s done 137,000Kms and has otherwise never let me down in over 6 years, so I suppose I can’t complain.

I don’t like it when things ‘just break’ though – thank goodness it didn’t happen when I was on a main road or in the middle of a dodgy turn in the desert.

I hope this is a one off and not the first symptom of needing to replace a car that’s had its time. It’s in otherwise excellent condition and I know I could sell it in minutes, based on other Wrangler owners’ experiences, for about 20,000-25,000Dhs. I don’t really fancy doing that right now, however!

As usual, these things all come at once. It’ll be due a full service in about three weeks – as will the Range Rover, although I may be able to delay the Rangie getting done till the end of the summer.

The most cost-effective option for future vehicles seems to be to get a Taliban Tank (Toyota pickup) and hire a Chad based ‘Toyota Army‘ rebel mechanic to keep it going for the next twenty years, using nothing but sticky tape, hammer and a can of WD40.

Some chaps in Chad on their reliable steed/Chris drives to work with some friends, having given up on American and British cars, courtesy of Wikipedia.

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