Driving in Dubai

Unusually for a Dubai blog, it’s been a while since I last had a whinge about driving standards here, bar a quick moan the other week.

I believe that standards here have definitely improved compared to when I first arrived in 2002, but there is obviously still a long way to go.

My personal, layman’s opinion, is that simply putting up speed cameras is not enough – active traffic patrols need to play an important role. Yes, speed kills, but most of the bad driving I see is usually under the speed limit.

Despite the fact that things could definitely improve further, I was surprised to see the UAE’s roads being listed as worse than the other Gulf countries. I would have thought that Saudi would have gained that dubious honour.

It would also be interesting to see some statistics about who is involved in, or causing, accidents here. That would probably go a long way to working out which section of the public to educate and ‘encourage’ to drive better.*

* Yes, Mr Nissan Sunny driver who randomly pulled into the middle lane of the Sheikh Zayed Rd this afternoon and then pootled along at 80Kmph, forcing me to swerve into another lane, I’m talking to you!**

** And I’m talking to you too, pickup truck driver who forced his way in front of me near Safa Park junction this morning, nearly hitting me, when all you had to do was slow down a little and pull in behind me!***

*** I’m not forgetting you either, Mr Lexus 570 driver, who sat behind me on the way to Dubai Internet City, flashing his lights at me to get out of the way, even though there were hundreds of cars in front of me and the lane on the right was full of cars, leaving me nowhere to move even if I wanted to!

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