Web 2.0 in pop?

Listenting to the Box Tops’ ‘The Letter’ this morning, I found myself wondering when we’re going to see more references to modern technology in pop songs.

Mousse T gave a technically vague mention of sending a message through the internet ‘but it rejected’ , way back in ’98. Since then I’ve not been aware of any songs mentioning something similar.

We need up to date lyrics along the lines of –

‘Get me an online checkin for an aeroplane – my baby just sent me a tweet’.

‘Hangin’ on your Facebook status update’.

‘Text and shout’.

…that sort of thing.

I think Girls Aloud would be a good group for a social media related ballad. I suggest a feisty ‘strong women’ type missive about removing an ex-boyfriend from your social networking circle.

Verse –


Don’t poke me via Facebook ‘cos I ain’t gonna reply


The days of textin’ me daily have all gone by


Your tweets mean nothin’, your emails less


My heart’s deleted you baby, I must confess


It’s time for me to stand strooong


And wipe your from my liiiiife


You’re nothing more to me no more than redundant bits on my hard drive.

3 Responses to “Web 2.0 in pop?”

  1. yoursubtitle Says:


  2. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    Ha! I needed that. Fun start to the morning 🙂

  3. Joanna Says:

    Kate Perry has recorded a song in Simlish, the language of the Sims… does that count for anything you think?

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