100 years since Zayed the First passed away

In Abu Dhabi for work yesterday, I noticed adverts commemorating the 100 years that have gone by since Zayed the First passed away.

There’s a great website here that has some info on the man. The video’s well worth watching.

At the very least, look at this picture here!

Interesting stuff. I would love to read some contemporary accounts from the local British political agents who would have worked with him.   


4 Responses to “100 years since Zayed the First passed away”

  1. Magnus Says:

    It is a great site, lots to stuff to learn about. Being a geek I also find it very interesting it’s built with WordPress and it’s pretty much bi lingual. Gives us some ideas for shufflegazine.com 🙂

  2. Susan Macaulay Says:

    Hey Chris. I ghost-wrote a book for Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim called Rags to Riches. It was published in 1995 and has since been translated into 6 or 7 languages. It’s quite popular with expats.
    I’m not sure how far back we went, it’s all a bit fuzzy now LOL.
    Anyway, he used as source material actual correspondence between the local political agents of the time and the British home office (?). It was fascinating stuff 🙂 I once knew where/how he sourced it, but I forget now. However, if you like, I can contact him and see where to get it…

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Susan
    If you could, that’d be fantastic!

  4. Susan Macaulay Says:

    oops. i forgot to tick the notify box and or check back until now 😦
    Anyway, just spoke with MAF, he says you have to go to the British Archives in London. He’s going to ask his PA to find the contact details.
    plse can you email your contact details to susan@amazingwomenrock.com

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