Business lunch, Yemen style

When I was Sana’a the other month, we had lunch at the ‘Hospitableness Salon’. It’s a slightly different experience to lunch with a customer in Dubai or the UK, for example.
Before lunch is served…

Goat, fish and random soft drinks are ready.

English man too stupid too eat goat with one hand.

Schoolboy error – eating goat with left hand.

Give it a go with the right – Brits just aren’t used to ripping food apart with one hand.

Two hands, I can manage.

Lunch over in twenty minutes.

Bananas and honey with bread and sticky stuff on a separate table. Pud’s ready.

I was quite glad that the working day was over after this.
My verdict on goat – quite fatty, but tasty when fried up in the stir fry side dish we were given. I was happy to give ripping bits of goat to pieces a try, but I am a pathetic Westerner and would prefer my meat not to resemble too much the animal it clearly came from.

One Response to “Business lunch, Yemen style”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    The aftermath picture is wonderful and worthy of being framed, and it’s nice to see the hand to hand combat with the goat!

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