Wadi Madha

We had a great drive to Wadi Madha yesterday – one of the few routes in the Dubai Offroad Explorer we’ve not already done.
Next time I’ll take the Range Rover – a lot more comfy than the Wrangler, even if the Wrangler offers a more ‘authentic’ offroad experience. It also tends to be somewhat more reliable…

My Jeep.


Even the Wrangler has to give up at some point…

A week or so ago we did the classic Wadi Assimha/Tayibba route and I was able to have a quick drive in Emmett’s new Sahara.

You instantly feel the extra comfort – a much updated interior and huge wheels make for a much smoother drive than mine, both on and offroad. The car looks good too.
What I liked less was the reduced visibility – the new styling seems to mean much smaller windows and windscreen, restricting the driver’s ability to see what’s around him.
A colleague of mine recently sold his 1999 Wrangler and bought a new Sahara. He says he’s been regretting it ever since – despite the extra comfort, it isn’t quite so much fun to drive in the desert. Not underpowered exactly, just missing the extra oomph of the older version.
Even if I had the money, there’s no reason for me to trade mine in for a newer model just now!


One Response to “Wadi Madha”

  1. Magnus Says:

    I recently bought the 2009 Wranger Unlimited and so far I’m very happy. It’s not that bad on the highway and off road it does more than I can ask for. Okay, I’m a newbie offroad so I’m sure my demands will increase eventually but it’s a very capable machine even completely stock. Just came back from a quick desert trip with a friend, also in stock Wrangler Unlimited. It was fun. Looking forward to trying same trip as you one day.

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