Hari’s post banned!

Johann Hari tells us that his article on the dark side of Dubai has been blocked here.

Except it isn’t blocked, actually.

We can still read the story of Karen and her Range Rover dwelling in all its fact-free glory.

Hari also informs us that he has been ‘told’ that he will be arrested or turned back at the airport or arrested. Sadly, he provides no more information than that – no clear statement of who told him what. To do so, I suspect, would be a transgression too far.

If he does turn up here again, at least there’ll be one place he’ll be welcome to stay – he can kip down in Karen Andrews’ Range Rover for the night for a realistic expat experience. If she’s no longer in Dubtown, he’s welcome to drop me a line and we’ll let him stay in the back of our Range Rover, as long as he tidies up after himself.

One Response to “Hari’s post banned!”

  1. Seabee Says:

    And if you throw him out of the RR he can join all the other expats who he said live in the departure lounge at DXB…

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