On every trip I do, I always take along at least a pair of chinos and some ‘backup’ jeans in case I need them.

On this week’s trip to Jordan I didn’t bother with the jeans, for some silly reason. Climbing out of the taxi this evening was a bit problematic, as I had to have my suitcase with me on the back seat, as the cab’s boot wasn’t working. Whilst trying to clamber up and out, case in hand, I suddenly head a ripping sound – my rather old chinos had decided to use that moment to give up the coast and rip in a rather embarrassing location.

I now have three days with nothing but a pair of suit trousers to wear. Bother.

The moral of the story seems to be to have what you never need with you at all times – that way you’ll never need it. If you don’t bring that spare pair of trousers, shirt, cufflinks, toothbrush, etc, etc, you’re bound to regret it!


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