Kuwaiti ladies elected to parliament

An interesting article here from the BBC.

It’s not all burkha clad women shut up at home in the Middle East, despite the general impression people have in Europe – an impression which a good PR company should be hired to counter.

In Kuwait, which is one of the stricter Gulf states in terms of not allowing alcohol, pork or much in the way of public entertainment, you can often see female Kuwaiti nationals dressed in Western clothes, walking around unveiled.

Perhaps the biggest surprise when you first arrive in Kuwait, slightly nervous about your trip to somewhere ‘exotic’ that you’ve only ever heard about on the news, is what you see when you come out from passport control. A visitor from the US might think he’d landed back home – Burger King, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and other cultural icons await you. After you’ve had a quick burger you then usually jump into a Crown Victoria, or similar beached whale simulating American car, to head off to your hotel.


One Response to “Kuwaiti ladies elected to parliament”

  1. not saul Says:

    so true about the car observation. They definitely love their Chevrolet Caprice! For them, it easily beats the LandCruiser…

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