Death by circuits

Mrs Saul and I went to ‘circuits’ on Sunday evening – running around a gym room doing press ups, tricep curls, squat thrusts and so on, accompanied by the music of Def Leppard and Scooter to encourage our efforts.

Some friends of our have been going for years and are all super-fit. I am not a sporty person, but I do enjoy exercise. Having some kind of regular training session make it all a bit easier to stick to, so we thought we’d give it a go.

I managed slightly better than I thought I would, even if I was totally exhausted by the end. Sunday’s session happened to focus more on the muscle side of things and whilst my press ups towards the end would not have impressed a sergeant major, I did enjoy the experience.

All that changed on Monday morning however, when I woke up hardly able to move. It’s now Tuesday afternoon and I am still aching, with another session later on today. I was thinking of giving it a miss, as I am finding it hard to sit down properly, let alone jump around a gym room, but was persuaded to continue.

Tomorrow I may well be ‘working from bed’, unable to move at all!


3 Responses to “Death by circuits”

  1. Dubai Jazz Says:

    Not necessarily. A fresh work out will get lactic acids removed from your muscles. So you’ll hopefully feel better tomorrow!

  2. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    How is the Wii Fit going? after rigorous daily use for months, I got the flu and after that haven’t used it more that once every 2 weeks 😦

  3. Riz Din Says:

    I remember when I used to play squash after a period of inactivity I too suffered from the condition I call ‘butt munch’, where you can hardly walk up stairs due to tight, aching muscles. I’m not sure this is a healthy introduction to the world of exercise, but it doesn’t matter too much because the body adapts pretty darn quickly. You’ll be surprised at how your capacities improve (both cardio and physical) after a few sessions.
    Now give me ten press-ups!
    PS – After a tough, long work out, your blood sugar levels will be very low so instead of having an yucky energy drink you could have a nice slice of cake (small) or other sugary snack and not feel guilty, as you are merely restoring your blood glucose levels vs allowing them to spike. That’s what I’m talking about!

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