The ultimate network technology – the Bassett Hound

I’ve just been reading a document that’s been translated from the original French using some kind of automated translation tool. The overall quality is surprisingly good, but just what is…

‘A telegraphic network Ethernet 10/100 Basset hound of the star type.’


The image of Fred Bassett running around the server room made me chuckle.


2 Responses to “The ultimate network technology – the Bassett Hound”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:


  2. alexander Says:

    Hahaaaaaa!! LOL, ROFL, LMAO, ETC
    10 Base T
    BaseT. As in Chien de Baset. Or Bassett hound!
    Online translators to blame, one suspects!
    Do I get a free StarFire now?
    Enamel in French is email. Also can be fun…

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