Liwa Trip

I spent Friday and Saturday driving near Liwa, where some of the UAE’s highest dunes and most exciting offroad driving is on offer.

There were three cars – me in my Wrangler, Gemma and Nicola in Gemma’s Vitara and Olivier, Julie and Thomas in Thomas’ Prado, plus our guides in their Land Cruiser.

Having Marshal and Dhala as guides made the whole trip completely stress free. These two guys, ‘Tanzanians of Yemeni origin’ make a living taking people out into the deserts of the UAE. They also take care of making lunch, dinner and breakfast, which means all you have to worry about when camping is putting up your tent, which makes things a lot more relaxing!

I wouldn’t be confident leading a trip to Liwa – having a guide meant knowing we were in safe hands when negotiating some pretty exciting dunes a fair way away from civilisation.

I was very impressed with Gemma and Thomas – this was only their second drive in the desert ever and Liwa has some rather hair-raising terrain. There were quite a few stucks and ‘retries’ on certain sections, but they both got to grips with their cars and driving on the sand very quickly.

There was only minor damage to each car – as usual with today’s 4x4s, plastic bumpers tend to come a cropper when driving in the desert. Gemma’s Vitara’s back bumper got damaged as Suzuki fit the rear recovery point at an angle that causes it bend upwards and back when used, which dents the rear plastic. An odd way to design a recovery hook on what is otherwise a very competent offroad car.

The Wrangler was as much fun to drive as usual. I got stuck the once, but a quick tug from Marshal and I was out.

I think these YouTube videos do a good job of showing the fun we had.


3 Responses to “Liwa Trip”

  1. Susan Macaulay Says:

    Hey Chris, how can one contact the guides? I’ve not been to Liwa yet and would like to go for a visit…

  2. SJS Says:

    The first U Tube looks as if taken from an A10 lining up on its target.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Susan
    Drop me an email at christopher dot saul at sun dot com and I will send you the guides’ phone number.

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