Sun readers appear to drink a lot

I love the suggested amounts in The Sun’s tax calculator.

Pints of beer (eg 10) a day

Bottles of wine (eg 8) a day

Bottles of spirits (eg 6) a day

Sun readers appear to be a thirsty lot.


One Response to “Sun readers appear to drink a lot”

  1. Russell Says:

    As tough as the average Sun reader’s liver may be,
    I doubt many could survive 6 bottles of spirits
    per day 🙂
    With a little playing around with the calculator,
    and assuming that the unit prices given are
    given correctly, the beer and wine entries are
    "per week", not "per day", and the "spirits"
    entry is actually "per year".
    Perhaps the time intervals and defaults as listed
    were intended for the Sun editorial staff,
    not their readers 🙂

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