Oracle will love Sun Ray

I like this article.

We know what product Oracle really want from Sun – the Sun Ray, which just happens to be what I sell!

Joking apart, there is a good fit for this particular product set. Who knows how things will progress, however.

The article mentions Ellison’s ‘The Network Computer’. My first job out of university was for a London PR company that represented Oracle’s spin-off network computer company. I still have the mousemats somewhere, if someone’s interested in seeing a bit of thin client history. If I remember rightly, I organised a meeting or two for Network Computing Inc, as I think they were called, in London and Holland.

My interview for the job at the PR company also included my presenting about the desktop and ‘network computing’, which meant talking about Oracle and Sun’s plans. I knew nothing about the IT industry at the time, but enjoyed learning a lot very quickly. The ‘thin client’ side of things seemed promising.

I had no idea that, 12 years on, I would be making a living out of thin client computing, working for one of the companies I was talking about during my interview, with the second about to acquire that company. It’s amazing where a graduate job you get thanks to your knowledge of French and German can help you end up…


One Response to “Oracle will love Sun Ray”

  1. Dave Says:

    Sure hope so! 🙂 Amongst all this hoopla over the future of MySQL etc I think Sun Ray is a major, I repeat *major* bonus coming out of this, assuming the deal goes ahead.
    It sucks things have turned out this way, but the more I read about and look at it, this could turn out to be pretty interesting all the same!
    Thanks for that article, bookmarked.

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