Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth

It’s the Queens’ birthday today – she’s 83.

Happy Birthday, I say.

Can Britain really justify its Royal Family? That’s something that’s open for discussion and that merits a longer blog post. I predict such a post will emerge during a future business trip to one of the less thrilling countries I cover. I also predict that I will give a general thumbs up to the concept, much to the disgust of my more ‘progressive’ friends and colleagues.

To summarise that future post, regardless of sentimentality and the qualifications of the more junior members of The Firm, does the current Managing Director* do a good job and is she worth the money? Absolutely.   

* Managing Director = CEO, for readers residing across the pond. In the olden days, we used to have directors running our companies with an MD at the top of the pile. These days, we are forced to deal with Chief * Officers, as your American traditions are forced upon us. It sounds ridiculous to me, particularly when you give us things like ‘Chief Gaming Officers’, but such is life.


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth”

  1. nzm Says:

    I agree with you.
    The UK Royal family is the best marketing tool that a country could possibly wish to have.
    If Alistair Darling has his way, the only people who will be left in the UK will be the poor, the immigrants – and the tourists!
    A 50% tax and an end to pension relief for earners of over £150,000? What a fantastic environment for entrepreneurs and hard-working business owners.
    Germany’s doing the same – hitting the rich with taxes.
    Stay in Dubai, Chris!

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