Sun Microsystems kit = low WAF

I have finally managed to get hold of some of our own kit for demos and internal training.

At the moment a shiny new U24 workstation and a Sun Ray 270 are installed and sitting in our spare room, next to my desk, ready to help me get up to speed with the latest release of one of our software products.

After getting everything unpacked and set up, I rushed off to find Mrs Saul and show it to her. I think Sun kit looks great – stylish and well put together. I was also excited to show her a Sun Ray, the product that has ensured I have been paid every month for the last four and a half years.

Mrs Saul’s verdict? ‘Urr, that looks awful!’.

The Wife Acceptance Factor for this particular product range is clearly pretty low… I would like to keep everything in the spare room for the coming week, but based on past experience, I expect I will find myself forced to drag it all back to the office in a day or so.


2 Responses to “Sun Microsystems kit = low WAF”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I have to agree with Mrs Saul. Functional? Yes. Design classics? No.

  2. SJS Says:

    Absolutely. Take it back to the office this minute.

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