Got a call this morning, supposedly from my bank, wanting to confirm various confidential details.

The chap calling knew my date of birth already and then asked for the last four digits of my credit card. We had a short exchange that involved me pointing out that if he was really from HSBC he would know the last four digits of my credit card. He kept saying that he needed to confirm these numbers as they often had data entered incorrectly in their system.

I am certain this was a scam, but I wouldn’t put it past my bank to ring me up to confirm information that they already have or which they should already know, without going through basic security procedures. The sad thing with this organisation is that you can never quite tell…

So, if you get a call from HSBC’s ‘updation department’, my advice is to hang up the phone immediately.


One Response to “Updation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I suggest buying a shrill whistle and before slamming the phone down blowing the whistle loudly into it.

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