Earth Hour

Dubai participated in Earth Hour yesterday.

Lights around our development were duly turned off for an hour. All very admirable.

The lights around our building’s external corridors were on all day again today, as per usual. There appear to be no plans to install motion sensitive lighting or install timers in the utility areas, where bulbs burn brightly and pointlessly in empty rooms 365 days a year. Unless, that is, I have needed to access the rubbish chute and turned the lights off when leaving, as is my wont.

I think it’s a shame that a bit more thought wasn’t put into saving energy in our particular buildings. Considering they are brand new, it seems something of an oversight to have so many lights left on all the time, but there you go.


One Response to “Earth Hour”

  1. Mark Says:

    I have to say it was quite nice to see this been supported in South Africa too. Dinner by candlelight at a restuarant was a nice change.

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