Sharia law in SWAT

There’s an interesting article here from the BBC talking about the new implementation of Sharia law in the SWAT region of Pakistan.

Not too long ago there was something of a brouhaha about Sharia law and its use in the UK.

When reading these sorts of articles, the main reasons for certain people wanting Sharia law seem to have less to do with religion and more to do with wanting speedy, fair and cost-effective justice. They effectively want judicial reform more than anything else.

I don’t expect to see Sharia law implemented in the UK any time soon, but I can understand the wish for common disputes to be dealt with quickly and fairly. My suspicion is that the system in SWAT will soon stagnate with time, just as its predecessor did. The same would properly happen elsewhere for cases that are even slightly complex – justice can’t always be quickly doled out, unless the case is reasonably clear cut, regardless of the legal reasoning being applied.

Still, it’s great to see the Taleban getting a taste of their own medicine.


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