Clarkson rates the Rangie

Jeremy Clarkson has a great review of a 2006 Range Rover here.

He loves the car – as well he should. The secondhand price seems to appeal to him as well, even if that resale value irritates those who bought new.

I’ll be interested to see if he refers to his experiences with his new love over time – let’s see what he comes up against in terms of reliability and service costs!

Range Rovers and new Discoveries were in strong evidence when I was in Lagos last week, much to my surprise. Whilst I can’t think of a better car to drive around that city in, I cringe at the money their owners must have spent on buying them, let alone on keeping them going.

Peering through the window of a new Discovery, I noticed that Land Rover have, astonishingly, used a coating on the steering wheel and electric window control area that doesn’t look like it’ll peel off after three days. The new Range Rovers also don’t have split headlight covers that allow sand to clog up around the lamps, either. Even more astonishing, it looks like the door handles won’t – gasp – start discolouring after being opened twice!

I would love to know who came up with these astonishingly good ideas. I would also like to know who lost their job for making such idiotic decisions in the first place, because, quite frankly, whoever signed off on those design details was a complete buffoon. The decrepit Toyota Cressidas on the streets of Sana’a appear to have dashboards and doorhandles that age better than most 2003+ model Range Rovers, something which is a crime against car design.

This is good news, if I am ever in the unlikely position of being able to afford a secondhand version of the current model myself. Word has it that they are much more reliable as well…


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