I’m in Lagos this week to see a couple of customers.

The city is looking a lot nicer compared to my last visit here two years ago – the roads look substantially cleaner and all the motorcyclists, stunningly, are wearing helmets. Getting from a to b is still challenging and tiring. Bouncing around for hours every day in a small Toyota van is not much fun. It’s pretty sweaty out there as well!

My hotel is very impressive. 2007 saw me in a hideously expensive, run down place. Simple, but it did the job, if somewhat charmlessly. This year I’m in a hideously expensive refurbished place that definitely earns all of its five stars.

Nigeria doesn’t have the best reputation amongst business travellers, but there’s plenty of work to be done here and, in my limited experience, it’s not really that bad at all. Challenging in logistical terms, but fun nevertheless, particularly if you’re travelling with a group of people to share the experience with.


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