Willy Star will sort you out

Agnelo, the chap who has re-registered our cars for the last few years, has done a sterling job for us once again. Two cars quickly re-registered, fines paid (more on that later) and all the paperwork sorted out.

He now has his own company, Willy Star. An unusual name, but not one you’d forget in a hurry.

He will re-register your car, collect cars to be serviced, drop them off and pick them up. He also has a service where people wanting to drive somewhere and drink can call him when they want to come home – he will then turn up with his driver, drive your car back with his driver following to take him home afterwards.

Agnelo turns up when he says he will, does what he says he’ll do and has very fair rates.

Dealing with re-registration is a real pain. I highly recommend that any Dubai readers drop me a line if they want to use Agnelo’s services. You can leave a comment or send a mail to christopher dot saul at gmail dot com and I will pass on his number to you.


3 Responses to “Willy Star will sort you out”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Agnelo is a legend! And gets an overall 10/10 for outstanding service. Highly recommended.

  2. ABIT Says:

    And will he pay my 9000 dirhams fines AND sit HIS car in impound for a month instead of mine?

  3. Seabee Says:

    My AXA insurance includes free registration and I’ve used it each year so I haven’t faced the hassle of doing it myself. I can imagine what it’s like though, so anyone who’ll do it for you is worth contacting!

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