Pete Goss makes it to Oz

The sailor Pete Goss has completed an amazing journey from the UK to Australia.

Sun used to sponsor Pete Goss in the last 90s. I was the Systems Engineer who looked after the installation at his group’s office in Totnes in the South of England. At the time he was building a super catamaran yacht to navigate the globe. Sadly, the catamaran didn’t get very far before part of its bow broke off and the voyage abandoned.

Interesting that he managed to make it to Australia using 19th century technology after being let down with the best the 21 century could offer.

Meeting and working with Pete and his team, in my very small way, was a real privilege. He’s one of those inspirational types who fires up those around him, doesn’t give up and is always up to something or other.

His offices were also, I reckon, the first StarOffice users in the UK at the time!

The ISP that was founded around the project at the time is still going strong with their content management solution. It all used to be on Sun at the time – I wonder if it still is?


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