Re-regisration time

It’s time to re-register both our cars, which means paying off fines accumulated over the past year.

Mrs Saul’s car is bang to rights with three speeding fines. One of them was incurred driving at 130 in a 120 section on an empty desert road, but the law’s the law.

My Jeep has a 200Dh fine for ‘violating a no entry sign’ in… September 2007.

Of course, every driver thinks he’s innocent, but violating a non entry sign just isn’t something I’d do. I’ve no idea how the fine would be submitted either – is it from a camera of from an observant traffic policeman?

I’m also suprised the fine is so old and wasn’t paid when reregistering in March last year. Maybe they’ll skip it this year too? I can’t contest this $54. More recent violations are now accompanied by a photo of the car in question, something that’s probably reduced a lot of arguments at the cashiers’ desk…

Fortunately the whole process is made easy thanks to Dubai’s best example of customer service. Agnelo is an Indian gentlemen who’s done our cars for the last three or four years. For a minimal fee he and a friend whisk your vehicles off and return them, fully re-legalised, an hour or so later.

Right, off to the cash machine to fetch the money to pay for Mrs Saul’s heavy right foot.*

* Ok, I confess – one of the fines on her car was actually my fault.


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