Someone’s still making a profit

I was interested (and pleased) to read here that my former landlord, Union Properties, expects to make a profit this Q.

You hear a few horror stories about renting accommodation here, but my experience with UP, verified by other people I’ve spoken to who rent or rented from them, was excellent.

You can see where we lived in the article picture – the tallest, pointy tower, to the left.

At a time when most companies expected the entire rent a year up front, UP asked for four cheques. The service was always excellent and the building was kept in tiptop condition. If you had a problem with the apartment, skilled people came and fixed things. The rent went up during the five years we were there, but never excessively and never outside of the government’s rent cap. When we moved out they were very flexible, allowing us to stay a little longer than expected and returning our deposit in full afterwards. The person who moved in after us paid a lot more rent, but it was in line with the market and less than they could have charged.

All in all, a decent company providing a decent service at a fair price. The result? A building full of happy tenants, many of whom have been there for years now, all of which equates to a healthy business. I expect their other properties offer a similar experience. I haven’t heard what their freehold properties are like, but I would expect them to be high quality, encouraging loyal tenants who look after where they live, whether rented out or bought to live in.

An example to others.


One Response to “Someone’s still making a profit”

  1. Mark Oelofse Says:

    With all the negative press about of late with recession this and war that, it is really is refreshing to read something like this. Keeping your customer happy I guess will always be at the core of keeping your business alive.

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