East meets West, via a Chevvie or two

There was an excellent classic car show held next to where we live over the weekend. Lots of great models, from early Model Ts up to classic Astons and Rollers from the 80s.

This local gentlemen had three Chevrolet pickups on display. We had a good chat about his cars, which he’d bought and had restored in the States before being brought over to Abu Dhabi.

Looking at the picture I took of him with his pride and joy, I was struck by how people of different cultures and backgrounds can be brought together by common interests and that, deep down, the average bloke* isn’t that all that different. Forget East-West dialogue, meetings of religious representatives and the like – let’s talk engines!

I don’t want to sound too presumptious, but a US or British petrolhead might be a bit suspicious of ‘the Middle East’. A strange place, strange people, strange clothes, strange religion. Stereotypes of Arabs or muslims might easily be jumped to over a few beers, yet the guys in the checked shirts and jeans would probably easily bond with the gentleman in his dishdasha and ghutra. True, he might be having a cup of coffee rather than a Budweiser, but as the guys pored over their trucks and swapped stories, they’d probably realise they had a lot more in common with their friends in the UAE than they might have thought.

* I say blokes, as it’s mainly blokes who are interested in this sort of thing, one exception being our friend Georgia Lewis, a car mad lady who is a motoring correspondent for The National.


2 Responses to “East meets West, via a Chevvie or two”

  1. Riz Says:

    When I first saw the pic, I thought the post would be about the disregard for the ‘Kindly Don’t Touch’ sign!

  2. Christopher Saul Says:

    Haha! Yes, that thought occurred to me too. He does own it though 🙂 Apparently it won a prize, too.

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