It appears my earlier jubilant post about my service fees was a little hasty.

The property company sent me a text message yesterday informing me that the service fees invoice was in the post – very kind of them, but I had already rec’d it. The message contained a bombshell though, adding that the service fees invoice didn’t include everything. Apparently, AC charges were left out*.

I called the company and was told that AC charges would be billed separately, at some point in the future. They will add another 8.8Dhs per square foot to what I have to pay, bringing the fee back to 26.8Dhs per square foot, what it was in September 2007 when we moved in. This means it’s gone from being outrageously expensive, to completely and utterly outrageously expensive, then back to earlier outrageous levels.

I find this completely extraordinary. They send me a service fees invoice accompanied by a letter telling me that thanks to their negotiating skills, they’ve managed to reduce my fees. I am then told – by SMS of all things – that the invoice misses out a major item. Someone obviously completely forgot to include it, or didn’t think it was worth giving us clear information.

It is then up to me to call them to find out what I am going to have to pay. The end result is that the fee is pretty much what it was when we moved in – a fee which is more than 400% what we were promised when we bought the place.

At least it’s lower than last year. It’s still far too high.

* AC is provided by cold water pumped around the building. This is known as the ‘chiller’ fee. We have to pay a flat fee – no metering was installed. I have no idea why a brand new development was built without the ability to charge people for what they actually use.


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