Some good property news…

…and some bad.

The good news – I nearly fell off my chair this morning whilst reading my service fees invoice for this year.

Last year I had to pay 41,500Dhs in two installments, both within a week of each other in September. This year the fees are 21,405Dhs, payable over four installments across the year. This represents much better value for money – 18Dhs per square foot as opposed to 35Dhs last year. This is still nowhere near the 8Dhs per square foot we were promised, but it is nearer the 16Dhs per square foot we’d budgeted for.

I am much happier with this. I will be happier when a dubious ‘late payment fee’ for 206Dhs is removed from the bill.

The bad news…

The quality assurance person I have been speaking to about soundproofing, or the lack thereof, has told me that he has spoken to The Contractor who have told him that the apartment has been built according to The Specification. This is a far cry from his earlier promise that he was speaking to The Consultant about the overall design of the building.

This ridiculous vicious circle of speaking to The Contractor drives me crazy. I need the property company to take responsibility for what was built, rather than simply to throw things over the wall to The Contractor. The Contractor builds things to The Specification – it’s as simple as that. If The Specification stated that the walls should be made out of paper, that’s what they’d build. It’s not their role to question what they are told to build. That is the responsibility of the property company when they sign off the design of the building.

It seems that I’ve hit a brick wall (albeit a thinly built one) with this issue. Currently I’m waiting to hear what was actually built – it would be nice to know what The Specification actually is. Once I know that I can consider my next move. We are due a residents’ association by October this year – once that’s in place we may be able to get a group of owners together to get the problem addressed. If not, I will have to install soundproofing myself, at great expense and inconvenience, something I do not feel is my responsibility. A properly soundproofed apartment is surely the least that can be expected, given the supposed quality of the development.

Either way, I need to find some cost-effective short term measures to block out noise from next door. Time to start saving up empty egg boxes?

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