Car back, finally

Mrs Saul’s car’s mammoth servicing shennanigans seem to be over, finally.

After great expense, only partially covered by the extended warranty I bought, things seem to be working ok. The garage even fixed some rubber trim that had been ripped off around the engine, even though they claimed it wasn’t their fault. The implication seemed to be that I had ripped it off myself, just to give me an excuse to pop around to see them all again, which certainly wasn’t the case.

New tyres are needed – the current ones are perfectly safe, but a little old and not evenly worn. I will put that off as long as possible, as this month also means reinsuring and re-registering, which will cost another hefty whack.

The car made a strange noise this morning when it started, but I’m hoping that wasn’t something that’s about to turn into a major issue. Sounded like a squeaky belt of some sort, possibly caused by the colder weather Dubai’s been having?

I will be on the lookout for something Japanese with no electronics and low mileage. Yes, it’ll look ugly and have a beige interior. No it won’t be as smooth or as fun to drive, but it’ll keep my bills down and generally reduce frustration levels. The current state of the secondhand car market here is not a positive one at the moment though. I might be able to pick up a bargain, but the price I will get for the Range Rover will probably not reflect it’s real value.

To be fair to Land Rover, the stress experienced during this service period was more due to bad customer service than anything else. That said, ignition coils should not be failing like this and the spark plugs should not normally have needed replacing at 100K.

The customer service aspect confuses me. Considering the fact that the garage is responsible for selling some fairly high end cars, their staff seem to treat as if they’re doing you a favour by being there. Calls aren’t returned or dealt with properly, noone says hello or goodbye, noone says thank you, noone explains where they’re going when they walk off and disappear for twenty minutes. It’s nigh on impossible even to book the car in in the first place, as the chap in the booking department is incredibly hard to understand. All this would put me off buying a new car from them, if I had the money. If…


3 Responses to “Car back, finally”

  1. VW lover Says:

    Just buy a Beetle and be happy

  2. The Spear Says:

    Maybe a second hand Prado. They are good. I never had problems with mine. Plus they are nice to take into the desert.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    get a Toyota Fortuner 4.0 V6. Had a wrangler before for the wife, which had many issues. Fortuner, no issues after 10,000kms of motoring, and well equipped 4×4, diff lock, 4l & 4H, no fancy electronics, except the ABS & airbags. Good economy from a tested engine. Also the size is not too large, and can seat 7!

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