Value returns?

When it came to eating out at ‘decent’ restaurants, Dubai never used to be cheap for us, but it did used to be good value.

That value all but disappeared over the last couple of years, with restaurants doubling their prices and charging frankly outrageous amounts for often mediocre food. Goodness knows who was eating there. We certainly weren’t – however good a meal is, there’s a limit to how much I’ll enjoy it if I’m footing the bill. $100 for a small steak registers far too high on my value-for-money-ometer.

Things are changing though. Time Out is now full of special offers – dine before a certain time and get 50% off the bill, two for one deals, etc, etc. Most of these deals mean the price you pay for a meal goes down from ridiculous to simply expensive, but it’s a step in the right direction. I predict prices dropping much lower over the coming months. With lots of well paid construction and real estate jobs having been lost, coupled with British tourists getting 5Dhs to the Pound instead of previous years’ 7.3Dhs, bookings are going to be down this year.

Let’s hope I’m still around to enjoy the return to normality!

One Response to “Value returns?”

  1. Time Out Says:

    An interesting take on the eating out scene in Dubai.
    Check the Time Out Dubai website in the next week for more than 100 Credit Crunch-busting ideas about life in Dubai.

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